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Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League

At Wonder, we thrive on challenges, and our partnership with Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJSL) is a testament to that spirit. When CJSL approached us, they came seeking a way to professionalize their digital presence and showcase over 90 years of exceptional soccer history within their league.


Tour Approach

When we partnered with CJSL, our mission was crystal clear: to harness our digital marketing expertise to put the spotlight on the league’s extraordinary soccer legacy. We devised a strategic plan that blends engaging content creation with cutting-edge social media management. Our goal? To give CJSL’s online presence a substantial boost.

Additionally, we’ve crafted a comprehensive brand manual complete with visual resources that contribute to the professionalization of their profile. This manual ensures that CJSL’s image and voice remain consistent and impactful across all digital platforms, further strengthening their identity and online impact.


CJSL, with its rich heritage in soccer, had a remarkable story to tell. However, they faced the challenge of translating their decades of experience and the quality of soccer played within their league into a compelling online narrative. Their digital presence was in need of an upgrade to truly reflect the level of excellence and dedication that CJSL had cultivated over the years.

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