Wonder Digital Agency

Delaware Super Cup

Elevating the Delaware Cup Experience

Enter the realm of the Delaware Cup – a project that posed a formidable challenge. As one of the largest amateur tournaments in the USA, the objective was clear: to craft impactful flyers and highlight videos. The goal? To professionally communicate every facet of the cup’s proceedings and events.


In a landscape where communication speaks volumes, our mission was to transform their vision into tangible impact. With a strategic focus on design and storytelling, we embarked on a journey to amplify the Delaware Cup’s reach and resonance. Through dynamic flyers and compelling highlight videos, we aimed to bring every moment to life in a professional and engaging manner.

Our expertise extended beyond visuals; we sought to encapsulate the very essence of the Delaware Cup through our creations. With every flyer and every highlight reel, our goal was to narrate the excitement, the spirit, and the fervor that define this exceptional amateur tournament. The result? A seamless blend of creativity and professionalism that truly captured the heart of the Delaware Cup and resonated with audiences far and wide.

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